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MAPLE LEAF UP is a forum dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the all-volunteer Canadian Army Overseas in World War II. Our website went online somewhere in 1998, and we ran a free-hosted forum since. Our own dedicated forum went online in 2003 and is still going strong, providing an invaluable resource for the recovery, restoration and preservation of the artifacts of this unique period in Canadian history.


Legacy web site repository

The web pages listed below were (once) hosted elsewhere, and I have opted to move them into my own domain. As they are all at least a decade old, many of the links on the web pages no longer work as websites come and go. Even though no longer maintained, the information contained therein is still valuable. So the primary goal was to make the information available to the public – compare it to out-of-print books and magazine back-issues made available in a public library.

Note: some of my websites can still be found on reiterations of Geocities and other free-hosting sites. Also, some websites and printed magazines shamelessly copied my web pages and/or its contents. As I am the original author all copyrights remain with me, regardless of what is claimed by the publishers of said websites or printed publications.

The Sherman M4 Medium Tank series and their related AFVs are my favourite WW-2 vehicles. Over the years I have studied many surviving examples, taking note of the bewildering array of variants and production changes. This hobby gradually shifted into doing some research into their manufacture, (continuing) use and modification. And at some stage, as anyone with the same hobby can tell, one is bound to get their hands dirty on some of them.


My site about Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicles, including my Ford F15A.


A page dedicated to the Volkswagen type 181 Mehrzweckwagen - Kübel - Pescaccia - Safari - Thing and type 182 Trekker. Compared to the VW Beetle and Bus, there is surprisingly little information on the VW 181 that is readily available. The VW 181 Facts & Figures are compiled from various sources in print, the Internet and interest groups. They are regularly updated.


On these pages I have compiled some information on various Jeep successors. They range from the well-known Ford M151-series, via the less ubiquitous VW Iltis to the downright unknown 'Europa-Jeep'.


Dedicated to the military vehicles built by the Marmon-Herrington Company, Inc. Also, the vehicles converted with All-Wheel Drive Conversion kits for military use are featured here.

A motley collection of information about the T16 Universal Carrier, with a link to "A brief history of the T-16 Carrier" on The Carrier Platoon web site.


Informatie over het Nederlandse legerrijwiel.


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